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Jean Hartt

Butler Court - Miles Platting

The only thing Jean Hartt doesn’t like about Miles Platting is the fact she can’t sell ice-cream.

Seventy-seven-year-old Jean Hartt isn’t one to rest on her laurels. When she moved into Miles Platting’s Butler Court she spied a gap for a shop and immediately filled it.

I’m so glad we moved here and we haven’t looked back. 

Jean, who’s from Newton Heath originally, and her husband John (75) from Norfolk, moved last year for mobility reasons but that hasn’t stopped them making movements in Miles Platting.

Jean – who has run market stalls and worked in wholesale– saw an empty shop, realised the inconvenience of the nearest supermarket being an expensive taxi-ride away and did something about it. Husband John is the behind-the-scenes maths whizz.

Says Jean, “People – especially elderly people – don’t want to be struggling with heavy bags or paying for taxis. Here, they can get their shopping and pop up in the lift.”

Her shop – which doesn’t have a name, though Jean wants to call it “Cheap And Cheerful” – sells all the essentials – from tinned goods to washing-up liquid. It’s run on a not-for-profit basis and entirely voluntarily and enables her to interact with people she says are “REALLY friendly.” She adds, “People even come from outside Miles Platting because they’ve heard about the shop.”

As far as Jean’s concerned, the only thing wrong with her setup is that she’s not allowed to sell ice-creams – as they’d melt on the way back from the wholesaler. “People are always asking me for ice-creams,” she sighs, “it would be so nice on a summer’s day.”

Why choose Miles Platting?

“There’s a really nice atmosphere here,” says Jean, “we moved here for convenience and to be in a new apartment but it’s a really friendly place.”

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