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Metrolink is coming to East Manchester

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With two new Metrolink lines currently under construction through East Manchester, the area is soon going to be one of the best connected locations in the city region.

The new Oldham and Rochdale line through the north of East Manchester will put business locations such as The Sharp Project and Central Park within just a few minutes travel time of Piccadilly station. Although the line will not be fully completed until 2013, the new stop at Central Park is expected to open in the first half of 2011, adding to the convenience of this prime business location.

The new Droylsden line will turn some of East Manchester's new housing developments into prime commuter territory, whilst at the same time makeing some of the area’s great attractions, such as the City of Manchester Stadium, the Manchester Velodrome and the green spaces of Phillips Park and Clayton Vale, much more accessible for visitors.


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